Friday, August 2, 2013

Remote desktop via hangouts

Google Remote Desktop used to be just a Chrome store app. Now it is built right into Hangouts. With Remote Desktop you can troubleshoot a coworkers computer, have several people give a presentation from the same computer (even when located in different places), and for Chromebook users who thought they lost this functionality, well, it's back.

Remote Desktop is now an app within Hangouts. You will have to add the app before using it. After inviting someone to a Hangout, click “View more apps” in the lefthand column of your Hangouts window (red arrow below) and then click “Add apps” (green arrow).

Screenshot of Hangouts app installation

Choose Remote Desktop from the following page, and you are all set. This will give you control of the computer of the other person in the Hangout (their permission is needed).  It’s easy for either party to end the remote session and to return control of the computer to its owner.