Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Get your email favicon back - get rid of that wrench

Many people have become distraught about losing the red and white gmail icon on their tab. Apparently the gold wrench with the blue background is just not cutting. Here are two solutions that could help.

  • Option 1 - Go to Labs and Enable Unread Message Icon
    • Click on the Gear and go to Settings
    • Go to Labs and search for Unread message icon 
    • Enable Unread Message Icon
    How to Get Rid of That Annoying Blue Gmail Favicon

  • Option 2 - Just be patient, and it will get fixed. From Google: 
    • This is the new favicon for the Google Apps Admin Console. It is definitely nothing to worry about. It is currently being displayed for some users in Gmail as well. This is not intended. This issue is currently being worked on and will be resolved as soon as possible.