Friday, January 31, 2014

New Feature reminder and a flashback to Demo Slam

With the week and month wrapping up, we bring a review of new features and (re)discovering Google Slam all over again.

Recent new features
Event location via Google Maps
When you enter a location for your events, you'll see suggestions from Google Maps based on what you type. After saving, you'll see a map link appear to the right of the Where field. Click the map link to see a map of the location on Google Maps.

Add names to Hangouts video calls in Google Calendar
You can give a name to Hangouts video calls in Google Calendar events. This name makes it easier for you and other guests to join the video call. Note that this feature is only available to domains that have enabled Google+ Premium Features.

Drive activity stream
When you open Drive, click the ⓘ button in the top right corner and the activity stream will appear, showing you who has taken action on files and folders in My Drive. You’ll see a rundown of what your team has been doing, such as editing and commenting on team notes, adding a new spreadsheet, renaming a presentation, sharing with your boss and more.

Demo Slam
I came across the Most Awesome 450 Page Presentation again (from 2010) and then like any good Internet citizen spent the next hour rewatching the amusing product videos that made learning about Google's products fun. 

For more Demo Slam videos...warning, could consume work time...