Friday, September 19, 2014

Go Through the Cloud to get to Mars

People envision many things when thinking about Mars. Little green creatures, a red planet and even passing through clouds on the way to outer space. But it's a different kind of cloud that NASA is using to make images of Mars available to scientists and the public. NASA is using cloud computing to share images taken by its Curiosity rover.

This is just one example of government using the cloud to improve it's mission of serving the public. Back down on earth, government organizations from the federal down to the local level are using cloud computing solutions like Google Apps for Government to better server their constituents. There are many published success stories that highlight the benefits:

  • Reduced licensing and infrastructure costs that will help balance budgets.
  • Staying connected from anywhere so governments can better serve the community when they are actually out in the community.
  • Increased security and reliability with encryption, authentication and redundancy.
  • Improved collaboration and information sharing.
RTW Mobile helps local government organizations understand and plan their transition to cloud services.