Friday, September 26, 2014

Google Apps for Education - Other Side of the Fence

When Google introduced Classroom, a set of features the Google Apps for Education suite, RTW Mobile reported on it from the perspective as a reseller. Now that school has started, we can now share our experiences with Classroom from the perspective of users.

Our local school district migrated to Google Apps for Education several years ago in an effort to save taxpayer money. What they found was a set of tools that made teachers and staff more productive no matter where they were located. If that wasn't enough, the district introduced Google Apps for Education accounts for all students. Within just a few years, students are using these accounts to communicate and collaborate with teachers.

So it should not be surprising that teachers immediately incorporated Classroom into their curriculum. My children simply log into their accounts to access and complete assignments from various teachers. A simple "Turn in" button allows them to easily submit their work when they've finished an assignment. Just the other night my daughter jumped on the computer to complete and submit her presentation after returning home from soccer practice. No time wasted with thumb drives or transferring her work.

They say that technology doesn't dramatically help society until the idea turns into a tangible product. With Classroom, Google has again demonstrated it's ability to help society by taking an idea and delivering a product that helps teachers, students and parents.