Friday, December 18, 2015

Guest access to Hangouts video calls without a Google account

Last year, Google introduced a new feature for Hangouts on the web allowing customers to share links to Hangouts video calls so external guests may request to join. They completed the rollout of this feature across all platforms earlier this year.

Starting today, they’re making this feature even more useful by removing the requirement that guests have a Google account in order to join a Hangouts video call. Here’s how it works: guests without a Google account who have been provided with the video call link by the organizer will be asked to provide their name and then request to join the call.
Any attendee from the domain organizing the video call can then allow the guest into the meeting.
Google is also making this easier for guests who do not use Google Calendar by ensuring a link to the video call is visible in the description of the event.

This new feature is available now for guests joining with a web browser, making it easy for Apps customers using Hangouts to meet with anyone - inside or outside their organization, with or without a Google account.

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