Friday, December 4, 2015

New Google+ Rolls Out

Recently Google+ users were introduced to an updated Google+, designed to focus on features that users said were most useful. This includes a fast and simple homestream for quickly browsing content, Communities for safely sharing ideas, and Collections for managing everything in one place. The new design is easier for both desktop and mobile users.

As explained by Google, “Domain-restricted Communities are a popular way for organizations to share content and ideas amongst teammates, with the peace of mind that they’ll stay private. A global fashion brand uses Communities to inspire conversation about products and branding among employees across the world and a Japanese startup is keeping their staff up-to-date as they build a vaccine. Collections let you keep all your related content in one spot and make it easier to discover and browse. For example, earlier this year [Google] dedicated a week on the Google for Work G+ page to [Google’s] awesome System Admins. In order to keep all that content together, [Google] put it into a Collection.“